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CTET 31 January 2021 Questions Paper : Science l Paper - 2

CTET 31 January 2021 Questions Paper

 1.Which of the following statement best describe the nature of science ?

  1. scientists are totally objective in their work.
  2. The scientific method is the only guide for conducting research.
  3. science is a system of beliefs.
  4. science is social in nature. 

2. Cognitive validity in Science curriculum means-

  1. dilution of content
  2. inclusion of appropriate fun elements of science
  3. inclusion of how concepts of science evolve over time
  4. adaptation of content as per the cognitive level of learners

3. According to N.C.F. 2005 in the upper primary stage science curriculum, which of the following is recommended ?

a. Concepts should be linked to making sense of everyday experiences.
b. concepts should be arrived at from activities/Experiments
c. Concepts should be taught through disciplinary approach
d, Along with concepts, laws and theories need to be introduced

  1. a,b and d
  2. a and d
  3. a,b and c 
  4. a and b

4.From the following, identify the statement that is true about science?
  1. When a theory has been supported by a great deal of scientific evidence, it becomes law.
  2. In time, science will be able to solve most  of society's problems.
  3. Scientists rely heavily on imagination to carry out their work.
  4. All scientific ideas are discovered and tested by controlled experiments.

5.Ishu was given an individual task of collecting weather reports for a week.Identify where Ishu went wrong from the assessment indicators given below:
  1. She concludes that decreased humidity increases the likelihood of rainfall.
  2. She understands that range of maximum and minimum temperature varies everyday.
  3. She tabulates data from a website everyday.
  4. She arrives at conclusion that rain may or not take place in the coming week.

6.Which of the following is a useful strategy to understand conceptual gaps in learners?
  1. using concept maps
  2. giving homework regularly
  3. organizing quiz sessions
  4. observing practical skills

7.To encourage more girls to take up sciences, you may adopt all of the following strategies, except
  1. Invite women scientists to visit your classroom
  2. engage students in examing myths and stereotypes about science
  3. use gender sensitive language and encourage your students to do so
  4. be mindful that girls always dominate discussion in science classroom
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8.Science teachers need to ask more divergent questions because
a. it stimulates and develop critical thinking.
b. it directs students to correct answers.
c. it helps develop thinking strategies
d. it helps in assessing creative behaviour in a learner
  1. only b 
  2. only a
  3. a,b,c
  4. a,c,d

9.Using demonstrations in classroom predominantly involves learners in 
  1. visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning
  2. auditory and kinesthetic learning
  3. visual and auditory learning
  4. visual learning only

10.Give the sequence of planning for your science classroom using inquiry approach in teaching concept of density
a. allow students to determine relationship between objects that float and sink.
b. allow students to play with water in a tub with different objects.
c. ask students to design a small boat that can carry 1 kg. of weight.
  1. b--c--a
  2. b--a--c
  3. a--b--c
  4. c--b--a

11.'Y' is a plant which does not have chlorophyll. What could 'Y' be?
  1. Pitcher plant
  2. Maple tree
  3. Cuscuta
  4. Algae

12.Which of the following statements is correct?
  1. Assimilation of food takes place in large intestine
  2. Large intestine has finger like projection called villi
  3. Large intestine is wider and shorter than small intestine
  4. Absorption of digested food takes place in large intestine

13.Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding life cycle of silk worm and production of silk fibres?
  1. Silk fibers are proteins secreted by caterpillars.
  2. The silk yam is obtained from the cocoon of the silk moth.
  3. The larva of silk moths are called as caterpillar.
  4. The pupa develops into caterpillar.

14.Which of the following represents correct matching set?
a. helps in the movement of body by contraction and relaxation     1. Cartillage
b. Hard structure which forms the skeleton                                      2. Muscles
c. Part of skeleton which can be sent                                                3. Rib-cage
d. Joins the chest bone and back bone together to form an              4. Bones
  1. (a) (3), (b) (2), (c) (1), (d) (4)
  2. (a) (4), (b) (3), (c) (2), (d) (1)
  3. (a) (1), (b) (3), (c) (2), (d) (4)
  4. (a) (2), (b) (4), (c) (1), (d) (3)

15.Which of the following glands in human beings secretes more than two hormones? 
  1. Pancreas
  2. Thyroid
  3. Adrenal
  4. Pituitary

16.Which of the following statements is true?
  1. All non-metals are gases.
  2. All non-metals are non-ductile.
  3. All metals are solids.
  4. All metals are hard.

17.'Y' is a man-made fibre obtained from a natural source. What could be 'Y'?
  1. Acrylic
  2. Jute
  3. Rayon
  4. Nylon

18.Study the following table;

 Fuel   Calorific value State Ignition temp.
  A       High                 solid           high
  B     Moderate          gas            high
  C     Moderate          gas         moderate
  D      Low                liquid     low
Which is best suited as domestic fuel?
  1. C
  2. D
  3. A
  4. B

19.Species restricted to a particular area are referred to as
  1. Endemic species
  2. Migratory species
  3. Endangered species
  4. Extinct species

20.Metal 'X' displaces metal 'Y' from its salt solution but is not able to displace metal 'Z' from its salt solution. Identify the most reactive metal?
  1. Z
  2. Cannot be determined
  3. X
  4. Y

21.Light rays from an object fall on a surface and get reflected in a completely diffused manner what can you say about the nature of image of an object?
  1. It will be virtual and enlarged
  2. No image will be formed
  3. It will be virtual and same size
  4. It will be real and enlarged

22.In order to slide a huge box lying on the ground in her room,Reshma should apply a force which is greater than which of the following forces?
  1. Normal Force
  2. Musculer Force 
  3. Static Friction
  4. Gravitational Force

23.Identify the correct statement from among the following:
  1. Sound cannot travel through vacuum
  2. Pitch of sound is determined by its amplitude
  3. The lower the frequency of the vibration, higher is the pitch
  4. The loudness of sound is determined by frequency of vibration

24.Which of the following sets comprises liquids which are poor conductors of electricity?
  1. Shampoo,vegetable,oil,distilled water
  2. sugar solution,vinegar,lemon juice
  3. tap water,Shampoo, honey
  4. Salt solution, lemon juice, vinegar

25.Which of the following sets comprises chemical changes?
  1. Cooking of food,boiling of water,dissolving sugar in water
  2. Rusting of iron,burning of paper,digestion of food
  3. Boiling of water,Breaking of glass,rusting of iron 
  4. Dissolving salt in water,digestion of food,shredding of paper
Read more - CTET Syllabus

26.Neena was cycling to the market to buy some grocery items.The market is 4 km away from her home. She travels at a speed of 12 km/h for first 10 minutes. On her way she meets her friend Nikhat and stops to chat with her for 15 minutes. She resumes her journey at a speed of 8km/h. What is her average speed for the journey?
  1. 10 km/h
  2. 4 km/h
  3. 6 km/h
  4. 8 km/h

27.Which of the following will not be helpful in the process of separating a mixture of salt and water ?
  1. Distillation
  2. Boiling
  3. Decantation
  4. Filteration

28.Which of the following properties of light can be used to explain the phenomenon of shadow formation?
A.Light travels in a straight line
B.Light travels at a high speed
C.Light is composed to seven colours
D.Light does not pass through opaque objects
  1. C and D
  2. D and A
  3. A and B
  4. B and C

29.Identify the correct statement from among the following:
  1. The proportion of large particles in loamy soil is relatively higher than in the sandy soil.
  2. The proportion of fine particles in clayey soil is relatively higher than in the loamy soil.
  3. The proportion of fine particles in sandy soil is relatively higher than in the clayey soil
  4. The amount of large and fine particles is about the same in clayey soil

30.Deficiency of vitamin 'X' causes bleeding of gums. This vitamin is essential for absorption of mineral 'Y' and 'X' is found in food 'Z', Identify X,Yand Z.
  1. X-vitamin B, Y-calcium, Z-green leafy vegetables
  2. X-vitamin A, Y-Phosphorus, Z-Poultry products
  3. X-vitamin D, Y-calcium, Z-milk product
  4. X-vitamin C, Y-Iron, Z-citrus fruits

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